Future of Digital Marketing 2020

The World that we live in is a world that is now result-orientated. The quest for getting ahead is the only agenda that drives major organisations or industries so if we were to assume that this world has now become more of a market then it ever was, we cannot be any more correct. And in this market everybody’s is trying to get a step ahead of the rest and for getting or staying ahead, everyone has been using the same mode, marketing.

Marketing makes up a huge part of lives, from the clothes that we wear to the food that we eat to the beds we sleep on to the carpets we step foot on, everything has always been marketed. As the times have gone by, the field of marketing has developed and evolved and is ever-evolving even after all those years of evolution that it has gone through in the Market. The most advanced and most common mode of Marketing in this world is Digital Marketing in 2020.

Digital Marketing in 2020 is the form of Marketing that is done with the use of Electronics. Let us evaluate an example to get a better idea to differentiate between simple marketing and digital marketing: Imagine a carpet-seller in the streets of the city of Baghdad carrying his hand crafted carpets on his shoulders calling out people using his voice to purchase his carpets in the 19th Century, this is called marketing. Now Fast-Forward to the 21st Century, the same carpet-seller is still selling his hand-crafted carpets in the same city calling people out to purchase his carpets, but the only difference is that this time around he is using a Speaker to call out people, which now makes it a form of digital marketing in 2020. How and why? Simple, because he is now using an electronic device to attract customers.

Digital Marketing has been around for more than a 100 years now and is now ever-evolving and it would not be wrong if we were to say that it is the most popular mode of marketing that people are using these days and it is a no-brainer that most industries or organisations are using different types of it to make their products reach a higher number of people. Over the passage of time Digital marketing has evolved and there are now a lot of different types of it. The two major types of it are Online and offline. There is a general opinion that makes people think that digital marketing is only online, but this is wrong and it is also available offline.


People generally associate to digital marketing as something available only on the internet, but this general perception is wrong and is far from the reality. The internet is now a medium that has only enhanced the field of marketing digitally to evolve and advance ahead. The mode of offline marketing using digital resources has been available for more than 100+ years is something that might make a lot of eyes pop out because the first mode of marketing using digital resources was not the internet but the Radio, in 1906. There are many resources that have been used over the years for offline marketing and they are as follows:

Enhanced offline marketing

  •         Electronic billboards
  •         Digital product demos
  •         Digital product samples

Radio marketing

  •         Radio commercials
  •         Show sponsoring

TV marketing

  •         TV commercials
  •         Tele-shopping
  •         Super Bowl commercials

Phone marketing

  •         Cold calling
  •         Text message marketing (giveaways, coupons, loyalty programs)
  •         QR codes


Although offline marketing has been available for a long time and has raked in a lot of business and money for its users, it is now the mode of online marketing that has slowly but gradually taken over the marketing sector and the most obvious reason for that is the human race being addicted to technology used online. The premier example of it can be marketing that is being done using social media platforms. Social media attracts a lot of users and is the destination for the most eyeballs to drop onto. Hence, the more audience a mode attracts, the more valuable it becomes to the marketers and advertisers. There are many different modes of online marketing that has taken the mode of digital marketing to new levels and has now made the market more competitive and fierce simply because of the fact that they attract a higher number of people. The many different types of online marketing that are being used for marketing and are listed below:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

So, to conclude it can be understood that everything that has eyes glued to it and everything that gets people attention is now being used for marketing reasons just so the seller or investor can make themselves or their products reach a higher number of people. It is a fact that Digital marketing in 2020 makes a huge part of our lives because everything we eat, wear or use is now marketed and in this technology driven race, no marketing can be done without the use of technology.

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