Offline digital marketing is the type of digital marketing that is done without the use of the internet. It can be further elaborated for as any marketing that is done with the use digital resources but without the use of the internet is offline digital marketing. It has been around for years and was the only mode of digital marketing before the introduction of the internet and people living their lives online.

Offline digital marketing has been around for many years and held the status for being the premier mode of digital marketing as it prospered and blossomed for a long time. This mode of marketing was available and was the darling of marketers for a very long time until the eyeballs that it attracted turned towards more glittering options. There were four premier modes that were used and still are being used for offline marketing. These modes of marketing have raked in millions of dollars to the marketers and is still doing so, although it’s value has come down in recent times.

The four premier forms of offline marketing were:

  • 1. Enhanced Offline Marketing
  • 2. Radio Marketing
  • 3. Television Marketing
  • 4. Phone Marketing

Enhanced Offline Marketing

Enhanced Offline marketing is the type of marketing that is done with the innovative and unique ways of the use of technology to make the product or services catch the eye and get attention. The major examples of this is the use of Electronic Billboards, Product Sample Demo. This is the type that is slowly dying in the fast and growing world of marketing and is tipped by many to be left behind very soon as these ideas are becoming absolete.

Radio Marketing

Radio Marketing is the form of offline marketing that has been used for well over a 100 years now. Since its invention of its radio in 1896 by Mr Gabriel Marconi and it’s introduction to the general public in 1906. The radio had been used as one of the premier forms of marketing. But because the radio itself is now becoming hard to find in homes as compared to the early part of the 20th century, offline marketing using this source has also become scarce. In fact, Radio’s marketing has come to a point where they no longer hire individuals based on their talent alone but your resume should alongside it must have a guarantee of sponsors and you for damn sure would be landing yourself a job at the radio in the premier hours.

Television Marketing

Television Marketing is the mode of offline marketing that makes the most money and had been the darling for many years, although it still is a giant for many marketers but slowly but gradually it is being pulled back. The numbers that the Television marketing rakes in are huge. The war for the TRPs between big media outlets is not just there to satsify their Egos, it is because of the money that you can make through the offline marketing after you have prooved that you are the apple of the eye to millions of people, although this takes some doing, but the rewards it reaps are also worth it. This mode of marketing has taken a hit with the introduction of Netflix, Youtube and other platforms of online entertainment but the numbers that this mode of entertainment rakes in with it’s live broadcast are huge. Yes, we now live in a world where the audience wants to control the content it watches. They would not want to waste an extra hour watching a Two hour movie on TV in three hours because of the additional hour of advertisements but they would rather download it and watch it. But the live broadcast would always be around because it cannot be replaced or controlled no matter how much we progress in terms of technology and for that reason the viewer has to tune in to yours truly, Television. Live broadcasts are always going to be here in fact with better definitions of picture quality. So, the types of Televison might keep changing but at the end of the day Live broadcasts would keep Television marketing alive forever and would also make sure it keeps raking in the millions or billions of dollar every year.

Phone Marketing

This is the type of offline digital marketing that can be considered the dark horse of this business. It is the most underappreciated mode of offline marketing. Simply, because it is a source of marketing that is available to everybody. It is safe to assume that a person might not be online at all times but they are always available through their phone. In a survey conducted in 2014 it was found that from the number of the billions of people accessing the internet more than half of them were visiting using their phones. Phone marketing is the only mode amongst the above modes of offline marketing that can be considered to have a future brighter than its present simply because phones are here to stay and can always be used for marketing reasons no matter what age or time we live in.

These were the four types of offline digital marketing that have been the most commonly used for years now. Some of these modes are very close to being extinct is this ever so growing and progressing market like the Billboards and Radio. Some of them have taken a hit with the introduction of new and innovative ways like the television marketing. While the mode of phone marketing is here to stay and perhaps might be the premier flag bearer of offline digital marketing in the times to come alongside television marketing that might not be as popular as today but certainly would be there.


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