Optimizing Your Video on YouTube SEO

Youtube SEO? When you go to YouTube to watch a video, do you ever wonder what is being said about it? Do you wonder if the video has been optimized properly? There are some things that a video can say about itself, but that does not necessarily mean it is being optimized well.

In the very first month, your new video only had 7 views, seven of which were from your mom showing her old friends how great your new video is. You probably think that your video is actually really good, so how come your new video is not getting any more hits? Well, probably because you haven’t yet mastered YouTube SEO, or more specifically, YouTube video SEO. Lucky for you though, it is easy to master it!

The first thing you need to do in order to optimize your videos on YouTube is to upload videos to your personal channel. This will help to promote your new videos and make sure that everyone knows about them. It will also allow you to easily submit your videos to YouTube to get more views and more subscribers. It is important that you upload a video to your own channel first though to ensure that you have a high enough ranking in Google and other search engines.

Another important step to make sure your videos are optimized well is to use keywords in your video description and title. You need to use keywords in your title and description because this will help the search engines find your videos. You may even want to use keywords in your URL as well because this helps your videos to be found by people who are looking for your videos. When you have keywords in the titles and descriptions, people will be able to quickly recognize what the video is about and this will make your videos more visible to people who are searching for specific topics.

The next step to take when you are optimizing your videos on YouTube is to optimize the images on your channel. For your images to get seen, you need to have them optimized with a keyword that is related to the video. For example, if you are making a video on how to make a snowman, you can optimize your images with keywords like snowman, making a snowman, or making snowmen. This is an important step because people will be able to easily recognize the image in the description and title of your video.

You can also add the keywords that the person is searching for into the descriptions of your videos as well because this will make it easier for them to find your video’s. When you optimize your videos on YouTube, they are going to be easier to find and you are going to have more exposure. You can increase the amount of exposure by joining YouTube groups, submitting your videos to directories, and creating back links to your videos.

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